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How to find a leak in your irrigation system
- Watch for taller, greener vegetation or moss growing around the sprinkler heads, which are signs of a damaged or dirty valve. Clean grit from valve and replace worn parts such as gaskets or seals.
- Wet spots, mud and eroding soil may indicate a broken pipe or riser. Dry spots in your lawn could also be a sign that a sprinkler is damaged. To locate the source, you’ll need to dig around the sprinkler. Wet spots or muddy areas around valves indicate a loose connection or aging washers.
- Wet spots on pavement also indicate a possible leak. Watch your sprinklers in action to determine which one is showering the pavement, then turn off the water and check the sprinkler head and riser. Sprinklers spouting geysers of water indicate broken sprinkler heads, which need to be replaced.